Tunisian traditional breads

Here some of many traditional Tunisian breads:

  1. Tabouna:
The tabouna bread is a traditional Tunisian bread baked along the walls of a traditional clay oven, called himself tabouna.
Made from flour, the bread tabouna has a round shape rather flattened. It is most often decorated on its upper side with sesame seeds.
The name tabouna can have different regional names. Thus, in the northwest of Tunisia (as in Beja), this bread is called jerdga (singular) or jredeg (plural) while the furnace is called tabouna Gouja.

     2. Mlawi:

the mlawi is a laminated bread that is eaten as it is or stuffed with different ingredients such as eggs, tuna, cheese, harissa ...

3. Mtabga:

"The typical Tunisian Mtabga is an essential specialty of southern Tunisia. It is a kind of Berber pizza, tangy and spicy sometimes, also called "kesra bech'ham" because it is flavored with lamb fat, trimmed especially in the tail "liya".