Neroli water extraction

Tunisian families are known by home neroli water extraction every year. Between the end of April and the begining of May, you can smill the neroli amazing smilling every where especially in northern Tunisia.

Neroli flower
The flowers or "zhar" as it's called in tunisian arabic are cultivated when it still closed and tunisian women extract neroli water by water steam with handmade extractors called kattar.
Neroli water is very used in tunisian cuisine, mainly in deserts and sweets, it's also known by its medicinal benefits in aromatherapy, massage and it is considered to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. More than 12% of all modern quality perfumes use neroli as their principal ingredient.Tunisian women put neroli water in glass vials called "fechka". Fechkas are tradionally dressed with fabric or painting coverage to evoid neroli oil oxydation by light effect.

Big Fechka statue, Bni khyar, Tunisia


Bizerta in photos

Discover the city of Bizerta, Tunisia in photos

Bizerta mobile bridge

Canal of Bizerta

Bridge of Bizerta 

Bizerta old hurber
Old Bizerta
Pictutre taken from Bizerta bridge
Rimel beach
Rimel forest

Rimel forest

Chaara bay
Chaara bay


Bulla Regia archaeological site

This site is located in the northwest of Tunisia. It is a Roman original site characterized by villas that have an underground level, which previously used as sheltered from the sweltering summer heat of the region.

Underground Villas

In Bulla Regia you can see Mosïques, Theatre, Baths ans even more so why not to include it in your possible future targets?


By visiting this site, you will discover how people of that time adapt with climat difficulties.


The Roman theatre entries


Romain theatre


Ain Drahem, Tunisia

Ain Drahem is a beautiful village in the north west of Tunisia.known by its wonderful lanscapes.

Ain Drahem is the perfect direction to relax and enjoy pure nature. In spring and summer, a beautiful green relaxing color is everywhere, in winter, Ain Drahem ware an amazing white snowy dress.

Ain Drahem in the first Tunisian region in oak production.

Cork Oak in Aïn Draham

In Ain Drahem, you will find an amazing thermotherapy centre inside the forest, Hammem Bourguiba is your best direction if you are searching for relaxation and therapy.

Hammam Bourguiba Hotel
People in Ain Drahem are very hearty and hospitable. We are waiting for your visit.

Eco-tourism in Bizerta, Bizerte, Benzart

Bizerta, in arabic Banzart, is a town in northern Tunisia. it is known for its wonderful coastline extending over 200 km.

Bizerte is also known by its forests. A combination of green trees and blue beaches, Bizerta is a great direction for ecological tourism.

Rafraf, Bizerta

 Ein Damous Beach

 Another eco-tourism direction in Bizerta, Ichkel National Parc:

Lake Ichkeul Park is one of the famous Tunisia National Parks covering almost 12,600hac on the shores of Lake Ichkeul in the northern district of Tunis Bizerte. This park is a world heritage site conserved as an important bird sanctuary in North Africa. However there are many other interesting plant species and wildlife.
Since 1980, the Ichkeul Lake is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Tunisia. This large national park consists of around 600 plant species and more than 3 lakhs wintering water birds of 180 different species. Situated in the plain of Mateur and just a stroll away from the capital city Tunis, Lake Ichkeul is an important wetland for the avifauna (birds’ varieties found in a particular geographic area).

Another wanderful direction in Bizerta, Oued Zitoun between Matter and Sejnene:

Oued Zitoun fall

Far of 88 Km from Bizetran coasts,  Galite islands are the paradice for eco-tourists:

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