Olives in Tunisia

Tunisia is the fourth producer of olive oil in the world after Spain, Italy and Greece.
The olive tree occupies two thirds of the tree surface with 1.7 million hectares of which 1.5 million hectares in full allocated 1.4 million hectares of olive oil and 19 thousand ha of table olives.

The total number of trees is estimated at about 60 million tree with 309 thoudsand operators representing 60% of farmers.
By region, the olive oil in the open are located in the north 14%, 67% in the center and 19% in the south.

The table olives are 74% north, 20.3% in the center and 5.7% south.
The governorates of Sfax, Médenine Sidi Bouzid include 22%, 12% and 12% of olive-growing areas of the country.

The average production of olive oil is about 1 million tons equivalent of 200 thousand tons of oil of which 25% are classified as extra virgin. 

Oil production represents 13% of total agricultural production, 16% of the value added in agriculture and 44% of the production tree.